Let’s do this 2018

Yesterday Colin and I had one of those magical days that seems to happen like once every two years for parents… we got to spend pretty much the entire day together, just him and I, sans Eva. By some miracle, one of her day care days lined up with us still being on holidays. Hells yes. So, we were able to have actual conversations other than the usual delightful chats about who’s turn it was to change the nappy next or where the dummy was last seen.

With this new freedom, over our quick shopping centre lunch in between errands, we got talking about what we wanted to achieve this year, both personally and together as a family. I find New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be a bit wanky and forced, but ignore that for a minute, as it is kind of a great opportunity to just take a moment to think about what you want out of the year and what things you want to ditch.

So, with that, here are five of the things this year I want to either kick butt in, ditch or accomplish.


We (well, probably more so me) tend to be creatures of habit. On the weekends, we often do the same things. It goes a little like; farmers markets, coffee, brunch, park, nap, cafe, repeat. I like to do things with Eva that I know I can achieve, things that are predictable I suppose. A lot of this comes down to my anxiety, which mainly stems from my first year with Eva, and I guess I haven’t spoken about that a lot with you guys, but that’s a story for another time. So, this year I want to get out and explore more. Take day drips and weekends away. Sure, some might be a total fail and result in a screaming tired babe, but you win some you lose some, right?


This one goes under that classic New Year’s resolution of “eating healthy”. I’m already pretty good with my meals, it’s just treats that get me good. I gotta have them. But do I really? I want to be more conscious of what I’m actually putting into my body and be mindful of what it will do.


Okay, when I say this one, I mean, ditch the plastic as much as I possibly can, not entirely. But it’s making a few changes that can have a big impact. No more takeaway coffee cups (go grab a reusable one now from Frank Green), remembering to ALWAYS take my bags to the shops (they’re really not doing much good in my cupboard) and stop buying plastic water bottles when I’m out.


So being a mum you have waaaaaaay less time than pre mum days, so time is so so previous, especially that glorious time of day known as nap time. I want to be more mindful of how I spend my “free time”. I’m talking less pointless random scrolling (you know the kind) and more getting shit done. I think I often don’t start tackling tasks as I worry Eva will wake up any minute, but I think making a start is better than watching another re-run of friends…


This year I want to spend more time with my people. And when I say that, I mean the people in my life who I can laugh AND cry with. The ones who encourage me, listen to me, and most of all, are there for me. The ones who I know I can call at any time of the day and they’ll come running. I think as we all get older and busier we kind of spring clean our friendships a bit, but for some reason, I’ve kept putting my energy into a few people who kinda don’t give it back. Who’s got the time for that huh?

There you have it, a few of the things I want to work on this year. I’m actually damn excited for 2018. We have some kinda amazing stuff planned. Thanks so much for following us along the way.

What do you think of New Year’s resolutions? A bunch of whack or actually quite helpful?


  1. Sounds good to me lovely! Also hope I can see more of my people in 2018 including you guys! Can’t believe little Eva will be 2 tomorrow, amazing! Have an awesome weekend you three and happy birthday little one xxx

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