My top tips to smash toilet training like a boss

A few months ago we decided it was time to bite the bullet and start this whole toilet training thing. Apart from probably four really tricky days, it’s actually gone quite smoothly and we can now safely say goodbye to the nappies (hells yes!).

toilet training tips

So if you’re just about to start the joy that is toilet training, here are few little tips.
  • Firstly, and most importantly, are they showing any signs of being ready? I think this one is probably the ultimate key to success in this whole toilet training game. Eva just one day started asking to sit on the toilet after me and even thought she wasn’t actually doing anything in the toilet, she’d do this pretty much everyday. This started a few months out before we actually properly started to toilet train
  • Ditch the potty and go straight to the toddler toilet seat. From chatting to other friends the potty can slow things down as once you sort them out on the potty you’ve then got to do the toilet as well. But in saying that, I know every little person is different and maybe a softer approach might work better for some.
  • If purchasing a toddler toilet seat don’t get the cheap ass ones. They’re super flimsy and not strong enough for your babe to actually get on and off the toilet themselves. We got this one for Eva and the quality is way better  than the ones just $20 cheaper.
  • Treats are life. Always, right? Need a toddler to do something, just whip out a treat. We started with using dark chocolate or carob drops. Every time she would do something on the toilet we’d clap and praise her and once she had finished and washed her hands she would get a treat.
  • Buy undies with their  favourite character on them and make a huge deal about how awesome they are.
  • Once you start, don’t go back. Unless your little one is showing massive signs of not being ready – you’ll know what’s best. We just randomly started one weekend and decided to keep going. We honestly had about four really hard days where she would need to do a poo and would beg me to put a nappy on her. It was pretty hard… but we decided to just push through it. Once she knew that’s not what happened anymore, everything was fine.
  • In that initial first week, ask them pretty much every single 30 minutes if they need to go to the toilet… Yep it gets a little old and repetitive, but it’s so necessary.
  • Talk them through it. Explain that they’re a big girl/boy now and they’re going to use the toilet like mum and dad. We talked with Eva A LOT about what she needs to say when she needs to go to the toilet, especially if she was at daycare. We talked through how she needed to say to one of her teachers “I need to go to the toilet”. Having these conversations over and over really helped her understand I think.
  • Give it a full month. I’m not so sure I believe these “toilet train in 3 days” kind of guides you see online. Maybe they work for other kids? Who knows. We still have accidents every now and then when she’s really busy playing, but I think that’s just going to happen.
  • Take one step at a time… We still put a nappy on Eva at night time. Most of the time it’s always dry but every now and then it will be wet. I don’t really mind that she’s still wearing a nappy at night. Plus I figure it means I don’t have to get up in the night to take her to the toilet, so that’s fine with me.

These are just a few little things that we found helped make the process a bit smoother. Ultimately, I think you’ll know when the time is right for your little one too. Good luck! And can I just say, not having to change shitty nappies anymore is kind of freaking awesome?!

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