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I can hardly believe Christmas is here already. This time of year is always a special time for everyone, but for us, it will now always bring back the memories of waiting for our baby girl to arrive. Each Christmas I always think back to this time (two years ago, eek!) and reminisce about it.

This coming Christmas is definitely the one I’m excited for the most. Eva wasn’t quite one last year, so she didn’t have much of an idea about what was happening, but this year she is all over it. Now, if you’re anything like me and find the whole shopping for presents thing a little stressful then keep on reading my friends! I’ve teamed up with Marks & Spencer to show you a few of my favourite things from their Christmas range from baubles to tutus.

I have a slight confession to make, prior to two weeks ago, I didn’t own one single Christmas decoration. So, I grabbed a bunch of sweet decorations online and they arrived at my door in 4 days. Super speedy and I didn’t have to do the whole shops at Christmas time crazy thing. I really wanted to involve Eva putting the decorations up this year as I knew she’d love it and it’d be something special for us all to do together. Conscious of not spending too much I grabbed this pack of 54 Christmas baubles for a nifty $19. Did I also mention that they’re totally shatterproof? Eva has tried and tested this and yep, these bad boys do not break!

I thought Eva would just throw the baubles around the room like confetti, but to my surprise she really carefully placed each decoration on the tree. I gave her complete creative control to put whatever she wanted where, which to be honest, may have made my OCD go a little cray, but I went with it.  She absolutely loved this little snowman decoration and actually took him for a walk in her pram before popping him up. Too cute huh. Make sure you take advantage of the 3 for 2 Christmas offer they’re currently running so you can grab 3 items for the price of 2. Love a good bargain!

For the top of our tree I chose this pretty little silver star, although Eva didn’t quite get the concept that it goes on the tree, rather than on your head.

I picked up this super comfy white linen dress to wear during the festive season. It’s really light, so good for hot days, the material feels so soft, and most importantly, it allows a bunch of room for lots of food to be consumed.

I couldn’t go past the luxury glass set for something a little bit special. Just a little tip, make sure these ones are a bit higher up on the tree as I may or may not have had to stop Eva from zooming around the house with the little car.

This little outfit on Eva, so damn cute. I think I’m clearly a little tutu obsessed at the moment but I just couldn’t say no to this dotty one. When I popped it on her, she did a little twirl and said “pretty dress, pretty dress”, so let’s just say she was really feeling herself in this one.

Every girl needs a sparkly cat handbag… am I right, or am I right? Eva immediately filled hers with all the essentials like snacks, hair clips and her dummy. This one just closes with velcro, so it’s perfect for tiny babes to play with. There’s heeaaaaps of super cute sparkly bags, I had a hard time choosing which one. Maybe she needs more?

If you’re after something for that special man or Dad in your life, Marks & Spencer also have a really great selection of men’s shirts. I grabbed this one for Colin to wear on Christmas Day. If you’re after something a little more formal, check out their luxury shirts and grab 30% off when you buy two or more.

Now that our Christmas tree and decorations are up, I’m kind of wondering just how long it will last until a certain little someone starts throwing the baubles all around the room and trying to climb to the top of the tree… let’s see huh.

Have a beautiful Christmas everyone.


Leah wears: White Linen Tunic Dress

Eva wears: Tutu Skirt | Sparkly Bag

Decorations: Pack of 54 Baubles | Felt Snowman | Warm LED Fairy Lights | Merry Christmas Lights | Silver Star Tree Topper | Set of 4 London Decorations 

Gifts: Pure Cotton Shirt | Parents Emergency Kit


Ladies Emergency Kit | Family Bingo | Colour Your Own Coaster | Paint Your Own Wooden Car | Heart Bag | Santa Dress |


This post was sponsored by Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links

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