Oh hello there. This is the page where I’m suppose to tell you all the crazy exciting things about me in a witty but still informative way. Well, bugger that, here’s this instead.

I’m Leah.

I’m a mum to one wild little toddler, Eva, who was born in January 2016. I’m also currently pregnant with baby number two, due this November.

My fella is Colin. We just eloped in Bali after being together for nearly nine years. We met working together and basically had an office romance.

We tried for two years to conceive naturally and eventually had to go through IVF.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. But I would do it a billion times over if I had to. We’re honestly pretty damn lucky that IVF has worked twice for us now.

Before having Eva I worked for a television station in marketing. Before working in television I ran events for music and theatre tours. Claim to fame: I once toured with ACDC. Although that feels like an entire lifetime ago now.

I love the beach, any type of market that involves food, a good Netflix binge, and drinking my coffee alone without a tiny person making demands at me. Music is my happy place.

I hate winter, bad vibes and rude people.

I am super stubborn, a little crazy (aren’t we all?), sarcastic and love hard.

Being a mum is both the hardest and the best thing I’ve ever done, cliche, I know, but true.

I hope you like reading about these little snippets of our life just as much as I like writing about them.


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