five things I love about you

The days, the weeks and then the years seem to go by so quickly. I’m forever in this weird spot where I cannot wait for Eva to keep growing and changing and learning new things, but then I’m constantly thinking back, remembering all these little moments and quickly I feel this longing and sadness that she’ll never be that tiny again. But each days she’s becoming more of her own person, more unique and special (did I also say crazy/wild too?) in her own little way.

So, here are five (although I could name a billion more) things I love about you my sweet girl.

1.The way you love the little nook on my chest. You spent basically the first 10 weeks of your life right here and it’s this same little nook that you still retreat back to when you’re sick or need comfort.

2. That cheeky little attitude. You sure are one cheeky little babe. I think from the moment we met I knew I would have my hands full. You especially think it’s hilarious to climb things that you know you shouldn’t. And you’re so proud, oh so proud and turn to me and giggle, and say “no no no” over and over as you continue to climb up. That cheeky smile is basically my favourite thing on earth.

3. That little hand, the way it fits so neatly inside mine. You now grab my hand enthusiastically, with all your might and say “walk”, you pull me along to where ever you want to go and then tell me to “sit down”. We do this over and over and you smile and laugh each time I get up off the ground again. Basically, you love telling me what to do. Who would of thought?

4. You are wild. Totally and utterly wild. Okay, I think I have a love/hate relationship with this one. But it’s kinda what makes you you. I love your enthusiasm for all things. You do everything at a 10/10 level. Whether it be wrestling on the bed, those cuddles where you squeeze me so damn hard and I basically melt, running into the ocean, trying to escape from me as quickly as possible. All of it. Chill or relax is just not your thing.

5. And lastly, my most favourite thing. You’re a tiny little piece of me and your dad. You’re stubborn, strong willed and loud like me, but clever, kind and freakishly tall, just like your dad.

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