How to install wallpaper like a total pro

I have wanted to put removable wallpaper up in Eva’s room since forever but one little thing was stopping me. Installing it myself. I had this horrible feeling that instead of it looking all pretty and perfect like everyone else’s on insta land, it’d look a little more like the contact on my year four notebook. Think bubbles and creases galore. And I totally thought it’d be just as painful as contacting all your school books too. But nope, think again, it actually wasn’t, the end result was really pretty impressive!

So, if you’re wanting to install some sort of pretty wallpaper in a room, never fear, here are a few of my handy hints. Excuse the poor quality photos. We decided the best time to do this would be about 30 minutes before Eva had to go to bed and it was getting dark. Go figure. My advice would be, not to do this.

Choosing which one

I found this the hardest part. There are so many gorgeous removable wallpapers out there now. I tried to choose one that wasn’t too babyish that could suit Eva’s room once we moved her to a toddler bed (eek, the thought of that frightens me). I also wanted one that just went with the style of her room already. So think grey’s, pinks, blues. It also couldn’t be TOO bold as Eva’s room is quite small and I didn’t want it to totally dominate the space. I eventually chose this one from Rocky Mountain Decals.

A tall person really helps

You guys probably are well aware that I’m a little on the short side. It makes doing stuff like this kinda hard. But, that’s when my 6 foot 4 man comes quite in handy. If you don’t have a tall friend, grab a chair or stool.

It’s all in the technique

The first panel we put up took us FOREVER. Oh and when I say us, what I really mean is Colin doing the actual installing along with my really helpful commentary. Ha, but in all honesty, I developed what we like to call “the arm” technique. The instructions that come with the wallpaper talk about flattening it down with your hand. Sure do this, if you have a billion hours in your day. Or as you slowly pull the backing off with one hand, smooth the paper down with your entire arm and elbow. This way you can do large amounts at a time and then just go back and run any little creases out.

Power points are a little annoying BUT still manageable

We had two powerpoints on this wall, of course, the only ones in the entire room. Firstly, turn the power off and take off the powerpoint cover. The easiest way to mark out the powerpoint would be to measure where the powerpoint is on the paper and go from there. We didn’t do this though. Instead we popped the paper on the wall until we reached the powerpoint and then  cut a little square hole out and pulled the powerpoint through. The powerpoint cover goes back on, so you have a bit of space if it’s not totally neat. This actually worked out totally fine. We thought it looked quite pro.

Take your time and lock the kids in another  room

I’d allow about an hour in total to install one full wall. Put each panel up slowly and don’t rush your way through it. Also, maybe pop on some Peppa Pig in the other room so you can avoid a toddler trying to “help” throughout the whole process. It’s not so helpful.

Overall, this took us about 40 minutes to do. It’s such a quick way to take a room from feeling a bit blah to totally pretty.

This little post was not sponsored, however the gorgeous wall paper was gifted to us from Rocky Mountain Decals. All words and thoughts are entirely my own. 

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