Save on your energy bill and treat yourself with the spare change.

So many things change when you have a baby. Basically, every single component of your life changes. You have less time, less sleep, more mess, more washing, and the list goes on. But one thing I totally hadn’t factored in was what having a baby and being a stay at home mum would do to my energy bill. And as you can guess here, it sure hasn’t gone down. As mamas we are always looking for ways to save a bit of cash, right? I’ve teamed up with Origin Energy to bring you a few little tips so you can spend less on energy and more on the fun stuff, like shoes and cute baby rompers.

When you actually think about how much energy these little people use, it’s a little frightening. Just looking at Eva’s nursery: there’s the baby monitor, white noise machine, and now we’ve recently added a diffuser to the mix. Girlfriend needs ALL of the contraptions to sleep. And then when winter rolls around and it’s freezing we run the heater all night so her room stays at the optimum sleeping temperature of 22 degrees. How many devices does one small human need?

Oh, and let’s talk about that awesome time we all got gastro together. The lesson I learnt from that (this isn’t too gross I promise) is to not change ALL of the bed sheets immediately because chances are you’ll then just be changing them again in ten minutes time, creating even more washing for yourself. During those four days, I literally did ten loads of washing.  That’s ten loads in the washing machine and ten loads in the dryer. And this point, I did think to myself: eek, sorry electricity bill.

Appliances: Turn those bad boys off at the power point. I know I know, you think, “I don’t have time to wee, how do I remember to turn the kettle off?” It takes two seconds and once you start doing it, you just get into the habit of it. Plus, though small, all those appliances can add up to 5% on your energy bill.

Cooking: When cooking that fancy dinner that you whipped up whilst your child quietly played independently (hahaha), make sure you use the fan forced oven setting as it will cook quicker and more evenly.

Lighting: Use lamps instead of overhead halogen lighting and make sure you are using energy efficient globes. Who even uses halogen lights these days? Don’t you know everything and everyone looks WAY better in soft lighting? Lamps are the way my friend.

Drying: Okay this is one I’m guilty of sometimes. We all need to cull the dryer usage. I know it saves time, but it also sucks up a huge amount of energy. Plus, putting your baby’s clothes in the sunshine gets rid of those pesky poo and avocado stains like nothing else.

Temperature: Try and maintain around 20 degrees in Winter and 24 degrees in Summer. So, in other words, stop pumping your air con to 28 in Winter so you can pretend you’re actually on a tropical holiday.  I may or may not do this one too. Every degree higher (and lower in summer) will increase your consumption and unit running cost by about 10%.

Bathroom: Ditch the heated towel racks, they can cost up to $200 per year in energy and no amount of warm towel is worth that much. Make the change from a standard shower head to a 3-star rated head and you could reduce your hot water consumption by half.

Energy plan: And finally, the one we all probably need to do that gets thrown into the too hard basket, check your energy plan. Are you currently getting the best deal or are you missing out on buying yourself a new pair of shoes each month with the spare change?

Grab your latest bill and jump online here to see if, and how much, you could save. It will literally take you all of 10 seconds, who hasn’t got time for that?

This collaboration was sponsored by Origin Energy. 

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