A few of my fave baby products old and new

There are SO many options when it  comes to choosing baby products for your little one that sometimes it’s a tad overwhelming. Being my second pregnancy and nearly three years since I had Eva, there are some fab new products on the market. But, I still also have a bunch of old faithfuls that I will definitely be using again this time.

So, what are my must have baby products, both old and new? Read on to find out…

love to dream swaddle up

These are the ultimate! We tried swaddling with a wrap with Eva and she would ALWAYS break out of it somehow. I love how handy it is, the double zip and SO much easier at night when you’re stumbling in the dark.


jurlique baby care care trio

I’ve always absolutely loved Jurlique so when they brought out a baby range, I had to keep some stored away for our new bub. I love that it’s Australian made, free from artificial colours, harsh chemicals and sulfates. Plus it is made of the good stuff like chamomile, lavender and avocado oils.


kippins comforter

We gave Eva a Kippins comforter from the time she was about 12 weeks old and it is still her most loved thing ever. She goes to sleep with it every night and if she’s ever sad or upset it’s her Kippins she wants most.


white noise

We’ve been using white noise to help Eva sleep since she was a tiny bub, and we’ll be using it again with this next babe. There’s something about that familiar sound that really helps her settle in for sleep  time. I also love the transportable ones that you can take with you if you go on holidays or in the pram too.


nappy changing wallet

These things are the best! I got one when Eva was about 6 months old and I sure wish I had one from the beginning. Instead of always having to lug your big baby bag around, you can just throw the changing wallet into your pram, the car or give to dad if he’s taking bub out for  the day.


Happy shopping!

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